Commercial & Industrial Solar

Solar power reduces your business's energy costs and carbon footprint.

Renewable energy isn’t just about today’s energy costs; it’s about securing a better tomorrow for your business. At PRSL Taranaki, we are experts in solar energy design, installation, and connection for New Zealand businesses. We can help you find the best solar energy solution for your specific needs and budget be that an isolated off-grid solution or feeding back to the lines network. 

Are you a business owner or manager looking for a way to cut your energy costs, reduce your carbon footprint, and enhance your competitive edge? Then switching to solar energy for your commercial or industrial operations is not only good for the planet, but also provides efficiencies and opportunities to future proof for your business. 

Environmental responsibility.

Our well designed Solar installations will provide your business with long term financial savings. Solar energy can help you lower your energy bills by generating your own electricity from the sun. You can also sell your surplus power to the grid or to other consumers to offset energy costs or earn extra income. With solar energy, you can avoid the volatility and uncertainty of fossil fuel prices and enjoy long-term cost savings.

Boost your social reputation and meet your environmental responsibility targets. Solar energy can help you demonstrate your commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. By switching to solar energy, you can reduce your greenhouse gas emissions and contribute to New Zealand’s target of 100% renewable electricity generation by 2030 and net-zero emissions by 2050. Solar energy can also help you improve your environmental performance and meet the expectations of your customers, investors, and regulators.

Efficient technologies and opportunities for innovation.

Solar installation and design is a gateway to new more efficient technologies and opportunities for innovation. Solar energy can enable you to adopt new technologies that can improve your productivity, such as smart meters, energy management systems, and battery storage. Solar energy can also open up new opportunities for innovation, such as developing microgrids, or energy hubs. 

Our team has the expertise to work at any scale. If you have the vision to take your business on a sustainable journey that opens you up to a whole new pathway of efficiency, give us a call and allow PRSL to deliver a solar network worth investing in.

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