Fault Response

Quick power fault response and repair.

Downed power lines? Power outage? Even just worried about the reliability? PSRL Taranaki have the knowledge and equipment to get you or your customers connected and back up and running swiftly. 

In a dynamic industry, agility is key. PRSL is not your typical behemoth corporation. We’re a nimble, responsive force that can act swiftly. Unlike larger, cumbersome competitors, we adapt to change with ease and are ready to respond. Our sleeves are always rolled up, ready to tackle any challenge. When it comes to workmanship, we don’t settle for anything less than faultless perfection.

If you are a power supplier or private property owner with power issue or power faults and outages give us a call and we will sort you out. No question is a stupid question when it come to electricity and your safety.

You can check if there was a planned outage in your area in Taranaki on PowerCo's website.

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