Solar Farms

Connecting your region to the power of the sun.

At PRSL, we’re not just power experts; we’re sustainability advocates. Our team of specialists is dedicated to renewable energy solutions. We’re proud to offer alternative electricity options at scale, contributing to a greener future. 

Notably, we’ve achieved a significant milestone as one of the suppliers successfully installing New Zealand’s largest solar farm in Gisborne.

Gisborne’s Te Ihi o te Rā, is now operational as the largest solar farm in New Zealand. PRSL’s expertise in solar connection and installation has allowed the project to power 8000 bi-facial solar panels that span 6.1 hectares. This gives the region the opportunity to generate 7,300MW of renewable energy for the sun annually – this will typically power 1000 average homes.

End-to-end service.

Our capabilities to meet your projects’ renewable energy requirements are available to you from planning and design right through to installation and connection, with the experience of the Te Ihi o Te Rā installation fuelling the knowledge and expertise of our team we look forward to creating more solar farm’s across Taranaki and New Zealand. 

Let us help you meet your region’s energy targets and harness the power of the sun. From concept to completion, PRSL offers an end-to-end service range that covers every aspect of renewable power infrastructure.


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