Stadium & Street Lighting

Light up the action with PRSL.

When you need to illuminate the action or shine a light on your community for safety and security we have the specialised equipment and expertise to execute all your lighting projects. 

From large stadium lights to commercial security lights and street lighting our team of electricians and planners can ensure that your lighting connections have with the right load capacities, safety requirements and enough power to keep shining bright, keeping your business secure, your streets illuminated and your crowds cheering.

PRSL’s team will design, plan, implement, supply and connect all new lighting or upgrade existing lighting working with you from day one to ensure that you get the most power efficient and practical lighting design for your needs.

If you have a large scale commercial lighting project, or simply need to upgrade the lighting for the security and safety of your home or business. PRSL Taranaki are ready to plan and install the right system for you.

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